Kit Houses

Protecting Twentieth-Century Homes and Neighborhoods

Private residential property, Burlington, Vermont

You don’t have to be a historic preservation professional to contribute to the preservation of your home or neighborhood. Many of the tools—historic resource survey, National Register district, local historic district, and preservation easement—benefit from the involvement of community members.

What are the preservation needs in your community? Does your town require widespread identification of historic resources to help with advocacy and planning? Is there a specific historic neighborhood that has faced insensitive development pressure? Are you a homeowner concerned about whether future owners will retain the unique character of your old home?

Preservation includes identifying historic resources that merit protection, organizing and building support, and connecting with local officials and decision makers to enhance regulations and advocate for funding.

Understanding what success looks like for your community will help you choose the tools to achieve your preservation goals. If you feel passionate about a place, you can build the momentum to protect it.